Cablevision Group totalizes 3.5 million cable TV subscribers in 2018

According to Cablevision Group annual  results report up to December 31st, 2018, the company totalized 3.5 million cable TV subscribers, and CATV’s ARPU increased in 36.4 porcentual points compared with 2017. The company considers in this figure the total number of subscribers in Argentina and Uruguay.

In the fourth quarter 2018, Cablevision continued adding titles to its on demand content grid. The report emphasises on ‘Un gallo para Esculapio’ in its second season and ‘Morir de amor’ as two of the most outstanding ones. In addition,  the company mentions contents from Cablevision Flow, specially Argentine Football National Team matches after the World Cup in Russia, the Libertadores Cup Finals between Argentine football teams Boca Juniors and River Plate, and Football Clubs World Cup in its 2018 edition.

The report also mentions migration to satellite technology by Uruguayan subscribers during last quarter 2018, which allowed Cablevision to add more HD networks to its programming grid and, in the future, new added valued services in Montevideo and authorized areas of Canelones and San Jose.