Cablevision Flow’s subscribers watch 7 series episodes per week

Cablevision Flow, entertainment multiplatform with linear and on-demand content from the Argentine pay TV operator Cablevision, reported that its subscribers watch a 7% average series episodes weekly, while 75% watch two or more episodes in a row, and 35% watch more than one series simultaneously. Information was provided by Telecom Argentina, who developed a 400-client telephone survey, which showed Flow’s consumption habits during the first half of the year.

24% OTT subscribers claim to watch series outside their homes through Flow App, mobile application that can be downloaded on tablets and cell phones. 40% of clients plan to watch contents inside their homes, while 14% of parents activate parental control. And, when accessing the platform, the survey indicated that 36% of customers do so by TV, media and social networks recommendations, 33% by friends suggestions and 18% by Flow’s interface indications.

According to information from Q1 2019, Flow recorded 1.5 million subscribers and more than 2.4 million devices where it is downloaded. The platform is available in 16 Argentine provinces, Buenos Aires City, Paraguay and Uruguay, and makes TV channels and on demand contents available together with other features, such as the possibility of watching content broadcast in the last 24 hour period, pause live content or turn to the beginning of a program, in  all cases from multiple devices and at any time and place.