Cablevisión adds more Sony Pictures content

Cablevisión, Argentina’s largest pay TV operator, announced the addition of more series produced by Sony Pictures Television, as part of the agreement recently signed by both companies. Content is available on Flow and Channel 1 HD, at no additional cost.
In August, the series ” En la boca del lobo”, ” Las crónicas de Lizzie Borden”, “Mad Dogs”, “Master of Sex”, “Hellix” and “The Client List” will be part of the on demand offer of both platforms, and will join “El Comandante”, the biopic of the Venezuelan leader.
“En la boca del lobo” (complete season available from August 1) follows the series of events that finally lead to the fall of the Cali drug cartel in Colombia. In turn, “Las crónicas de Lizzie Borden” (also available from August 1) offers an intense and fictional story of the real events and people who were part of the life of Lizzie after she is acquitted of the 1892 murders of her father and stepmother.
“Mad Dogs” (August 1) shows a group of friends who meet in Belize to celebrate the early retirement of a friend. However, little by little, a series of events turn their trip to paradise into a labyrinthine nightmare.
“Master of Sex” (the first two seasons available from August 2) tells the story of Dr. William Masters and Virginia Johnson, the pioneers of the study of human sexuality. In turn, “Helix” (it will be available on August 10) follows a team of scientists who travel to a research center in the Arctic to investigate the potential outbreak of a disease.
“The Client List” (available from August 17) follows the story of a housewife in a conservative Texas town, abandoned by her husband, who gets a job in an apparently traditional spa. However, she realizes that some of his co-workers provide “additional” services and must make the difficult decision to accept or not the opportunity to solve its financial problems.