Cable Onda becomes Tigo and plans to invest USD 100 million in the next 24 months to improve its internet offer in Panama

Telecommunications company Millicom has officially announced this week its decision to remove the Cable Onda brand in Panama, used by the company to market its fixed service offer (pay TV, telephony and internet) in the country, and replace it with ‘Tigo’ , name under which Millicom’s operations are known in the Latin American markets in which it operates.

In turn, Rodrigo Diehl, General Manager at Tigo Panama, reported that the company will start this new stage by increasing the speed of the internet on its client’s households, without them having to make an additional payment. On the other hand, the company has announced its plans to invest USD 100 million in the country during the next 24 months, with the aim of modernizing its fixed internet network.

Another of the Tigo Panama announcements was made by Manuel Garcia, the company’s Marketing Executive Director, who reported that they will continue to add HD channels as part of their offer. ‘Soon, we will be the provider with the most HD channels in Latin America. We are currently ranking second, and we will innovate with a different way of consuming TV via the Internet’, the executive reported.

Millicom acquired 80% of Cable Onda in Panama in October 2018, for a transaction valued at USD 1.46 billion. Later, in mid-2019, Movistar (Telefonica) sold its operations in Panama to Millicom, in addition to that of Nicaragua, announced in February that same year. Although originally the agreement also included the sale of the Movistar Costa Rica subsidiary to Millicom, these were finally acquired last year by Liberty Latin America.