Buena Vista Original Productions films new series in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Mexico

Buena Vista Original Productions, The Walt Disney Latin America’s original production unit, presents Femicidios, its new fiction series based on real gender violence cases, focused on women who suffered from it and gave details on the situation they were immersed in.

The series are produced and filmed in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Mexico. According to what The Walt Disney Company Latin America officially reported, each country is developing ten of the most relevant cases that took place there. Each episode narration is made from the victim’s point of view, who give details on how the society where her case took place was and how the local justice system works.

Femicidios production and filming process is in charge of four producers. In Argentina, the project is developed by Polka, who is also responsible for the original idea. In Colombia it is Vista Producciones, a TV production and marketing company, with extensive experience in soap operas and realities productions. In Mexico, the production is in charge of BTF Media,  audiovisual content producer directed by several communication and arts talents. In Brazil, the producer is Cinefilm, an independent company that creates different contents for TV, with several audiovisual market professionals. 

Femicidios will be released on Latin American screens in 2021, The series cast will be announced soon, as reported by The Walt Disney Company Latin America.