Brazil’s U17 World Cup arrives at Chile with Chilevision

As part of its programming strategy, the Chilean FTA TV channel Chilevisión will broadcast the Brazilian U17 World Cup, a tournament that will be held between October 26th and November 17th.

The competition is made up of 24 National Teams divided into six groups. Group A is made up of Brazil, Canada, New Zealand and Angola. Group B includes Nigeria, Hungary, Ecuador and Australia, while Group C is made up of Chile, South Korea, France and Haiti. Group D brings together the US, Senegal, Japan and the Netherlands, while Group E includes Spain, Argentina, Tajikistan and Cameroon. Group F, finally, is made up of Solomon Islands, Italy, Paraguay and Mexico.

Chilevision will broadcast all  matches played by the Chilean National Team; the opening match between Brazil and Canada and the Final match.

‘We have been betting on all categories of Chilean football, at the National Team level, and, as we did with the Pan-Americans, today we do it with this generation that has many conditions. This way, Chilevision is consolidated as a channel that seeks to be in the great world events, where there are Chileans as leading actors’, said Marco Antonio Cumsille, Sports Executive Producer at  Turner Chile.