Brazil’s SporTV transforms its brand and offers a free 15-day window

SporTV, Globo’s sports channel, announced that it will transform its brand and undergo a makeover to celebrate its 30th anniversary in the region. In addition to presenting a new logo, graphics and color palette, it will offer a free 15-day window in which from November 10 to 25, it will be broadcast through the Brazilian open TV signal.

According to Eduardo Gabbay, Director of Sports Channels at Globo, the new brand that will debut on Wednesday, November 10 “reflects the light, empathetic spirit that speaks the language of our sports fan consumer, without sacrificing the credibility, depth and relevant sports events portfolio that has accompanied us since the launch of the channel”.

As the company explained, the change is also part of a quest to stay current in the ways in which the public consumes sports content, which today is multiplatform. “The new brand is strong, dynamic, modern, proprietary, it has impact and, at the same time, the lightness that we want to convey in our positioning. We are a multiplatform sports brand and not just a television channel”, Ricardo Moyano, Creative Director of Globo, said.