Brazil’s Globo will not negotiate its exclusive sports rights with the new OTT Sportflix

The Brazilian multimedia Globo denied, through a statement, any kind of negotiation or connection with the new OTT Sportflix. It assured that it owns exclusive transmission rights in Brazil, including the Internet, for the local soccer league, the soccer World Cup, the Olympic Games, among others, and it has not authorized the new sports service to offer those events.

In this way, there are already three Latin American programmers who have publicly clarified that they have not negotiated with Sportflix, as Globo joins Fox and Espn, who in the same way issued their respective press releases. While, according to local media in Brazil and Argentina, Turner executives also denied contacts with the OTT.

Sportflix plans to start operating from August 30 and its monthly cost will be between USD 19.99 (the initial plan) and USD 29.99 (the most complete plan). Matías Said, the only OTT spokesman, promised in an interview with the Argentine newspaper La Nacion that they will provide 95% of sports events that interests the audience.