Brazilian Record TV series Apocalipsis to be broadcast in the US through UniMas

Presented as one of its programming grids news for the 2019-2020 period, the Brazilian soap opera Apocalipsis will premiere on the UniMas (Univision) screen on Sunday, August 12th. The series has 170 episodes and was produced by Casablanca Estudios for Record TV, under Edson Spinello’s direction.

According to what Univision officially reported when giving details about Apocalipsis, ‘everything will begin in New York during the 80s, when four young university students from different countries will cross their paths to undo what could be the end for everyone. Years later, their sons Benjamin and Richard will be the main focus of several apocalyptic prophecies that will happen in different cities around the world, where the fateful September 11th, 2001 will be part of the plot’.

The series premiered in November 2017 and captivated 14 million watchers in Brazil during its first 15 episodes. Apart from its premiere in the US through UniMas, the series also arrived at the Dominican Republic in October 2018, on the Telemicro channel.