Brazilian pay TV market loses 25,000 subs in September

According to data from Brazilian regulator Anatel, the pay TV market had 17.79 million active contracts in September, which represented a fall of 2.34% (over 426,000 customers) in the last 12 months, and of 0.14% (over 25,000 subscribers) compared to August 2018.
Claro group lost about 68,000 subscribers in September, most of them, around 40,000, from its DTH operation Claro TV. For its part, Vivo TV’s customer base (Telefónica) lost close to 10,000 customers compared to August. In contrast, Sky (AT&T) added 35,000 new subscribers and Oi TV about 20,000.
Considering the main pay TV operators, only Oi TV reported growth compared to the same period last year, adding more than 131,000 subscribers (+ 8.96%).
At the end of September, the four largest groups had 97% of the market: Claro/Net had 8.8 million subscribers (49.6% of market share, Net registered 7,1 million clients and Claro 1,7 million), Sky reported 5.2 million (29.5%), Vivo 1.6 million (9%), and Oi 1.6 million (8.9%).