Brazilian pay TV loses more than one million subscribers in one year

Brazil recorded 16,709,668 households with access to pay TV in June. The already mentioned figure means a 1.23 million subscribers fall during last 12 month-period, according to what the country’s National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel) officially informed. 

According to the entity, in June almost half of Brazilians households had access to pay TV through the Claro Group (Net), which recorded 8,227,823 subscriptions, and concentrated 49.24% of the market. Sky ranked second with 4,999,821 subscribers and 29,2% market share, followed by Oi, with 1,584,397 clients and 9.48% of the market, and Telefonica, whose operations in Brazil are known under the Vivo brand-, with 1,460,281 subscribers and 8.74% market share. 

The Brazilian regulator also reported that almost all operators decreased its subscribers in June compared to the same month 2018, except from Oi, which showed a  1.77% slight growth (27,499 more customers). Claro (Net) decreased its subscribers by 8.03% (718.818 less customers) and Sky also had a 200.082 drop customers, which means 3.85 less annual subscribers.

San Pablo was the Brazilian state with the largest number pay TV customers in June, with 6,209,795 subscribers, while Roraima was the one with the least pay TV customers recorded in the country, with 16,283 subscribers.