Brazilian Pay TV lost more than 520 thousand suscribers in 2018

National Telecomunications Agency (Anatel) announced that the total number of pay tv active contracts in Brazil rised to 17.6 millions, reflecting a disminution of 521.7 suscribers in 2018. It means a negative difference of 2.9%.

The four largest brazilian pay TV groups had 17.09 millions of active contracts in November 2018. Claro / NET accumulated 8.7 millions (49.3% of the total), followed by Sky, with 5.2 millions (29.8%). Oi owned 1.6  (9.1%) and Vivo managed 1.6 (9%). Oi was the only group which made an evolution in the last 12 month period, having more than 111.28 thousand contracts (7.4%).

In November 2018, the five federation units with the largest pay tv markets in Brazil were Sao Paulo with 6.5 million contracts (37%); Rio de Janeiro with 2.4 millions (5%); Minas Gerais with 1.5 millions (9%); Rio Grande do Soul with 1.2 millions (7.01%) and Parana with 815.02 thousand (4.6%).