Brazilian Pay TV empowered local content in 2018

Brazilian Pay TV broadcasted 2,684 original titles of that country in 2018, according to information provided by National Film Agency’s  Brazilian Film and Audiovisual Observatory (OCA). Brazilian programming in Qualified Channels (CEQ), which must include three hours and a half Brazilian content a day, was 7.5% and reached 14.3% between 6 PM and 12 AM.

In those networks, independent production means mostly of Brazilian TV content, which reaches 4.6% of total daily grid, and increases to 10.5% in prime-time schedules.

In Brazilian Qualified Channels (CABEQ), more than third of content broadcasted is from Brazil and independent (36.7%), and more than half of grid is dedicated to Brazilian programming, which tops 56.5% of daily content. In part-time schedule, it increase to 50.3% in independent Brazilian programming, and 70.2% in original content from Brazil. CABEQs networks must broadcast mostly Brazilian programs in prime time.

Globo and Fox were the most stood out groups in last year’s Brazilian content broadcast, even independent. Globo led weakly average per channel with 10 hours and 50 minutes of Brazilian programming, followed by Fox, who recorded 5 hours and 12 minutes a week. However, there were no significant advantage in independent Brazilian content: Globo broadcasted 4 hours and 50 minutes per week, and Fox recorded nine minutes less (4 hours and 41 minutes). The report did not include sports, news and Brasil Channel.