Brazilian pay TV doubles its subscribers drop in April compared to 2020

According to the figures reported by the Agencia Nacional de Telecomunicaciones (Anatel) in Brazil, during April the country’s pay TV market lost 156.9 thousand subscribers, and ended the fourth month of the year with a total of 14.15 million subscribers, deepening the decline in customers that it has been reporting in recent months. Brazilian pay TV subscriber base is below 15 million clientes since November 2020.

Figures already mentioned show that, so far in 2021, the pay TV subscribers drop in Brazil is valued at around 170 thousand monthly subscribers, a figure that doubles the average  decline rate that took place in 2020, estimated at 77 thousand subscribers per month.

The Pay TV operator with the largest loss of subscribers during April was Sky (AT&T), with 89,400 fewer subscribers, which caused the company to end April with a total of 4.19 million customers. Claro (America Movil) ranked second. The company lost 79 thousand customers in April (58 thousand from its cable customer base, and 21 thousand from DTH), to end the fourth month of 2021 with 6.68 million subscribers, of which 5.9 million were cable TV customers, and 779.6 thousand were DTH subscribers. Finally, Vivo (Telefonica) lost 12 thousand subscribers from its base, and ended April with 1.21 million customers.

The only operator that managed to reverse the trend was Oi (Grupo Oi), which reported 13,150 more clients, and ended April with 1.73 million subscribers.