Brazilian ISP Desktop Sigmanet buys LPNet

The Brazilian ISP Desktop Sigmanet acquired LPNet, one of the largest broadband operators with FTTH in Sao Paulo, where it has around 127 thousand accesses and covers more than 40 municipalities. The purchasing company announced that its objective is to acquire companies located in geographic areas adjacent to its current operation and that have a strong dominance in the market, which can continue to grow organically after the change.

In turn, LPNet is made up of five service provision divisions. After the purchase, for which the amount was yet not revealed, the company now has LPNET Telecomunicaciones, Velus Communications Services, Netstyle Computer Equipment Trade, Silva e Silveria Internet Provider and LPNET Billing Services.

“In line with our expansion plan, the transaction reinforces the company’s presence in the interior of Sao Paulo, operating in more than 100 municipalities with a population of more than nine million inhabitants and a total of more than three million homes, which reinforces its leadership position in the largest market in Brazil”, Desktop Sigmanet stated.