Brazil records in September the largest pay TV subscribers loss in 2019

According to what the Brazilian National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel) reported, Brazilian Pay-TV lost 266 thousand subscribers in September, and 1.7 million annually. This is the largest monthly subscribers loss so far this year. In addition, the agency reported that the pay-TV customer base in September was 16.08 million.

The Brazilian pay-TV operator with the largest pay TV subscribers loss in September was Sky, with a more than 93 thousand customers negative balance , which made it end the month with almost 4.8 million subscribers. Claro Brazil, which recorded 8 million active clients on its pay-TV base, also recorded a significant loss: it went from 8.07 million customers in August to 7.9 million in September, that is, 80 thousand less subscribers.

Telefonica, known in Brazil as Vivo, ended September with 1.38 million subscribers, almost 26 thousand less than those recorded in August. In its Q3 2019 quarterly results report, Vivo announced its plans to stop selling DTH. And Oi ended September with 1.54 million customers and a 12 thousand subscribers loss.

According to Anatel, the cable TV customer base in Brazil has 6.91 million subscribers as of September 2019, while DTH places its base at 8.42 million subscribers. In both cases, losses are recorded in relation to August figures.  In addition, accesses through IPTV were more than 7.4 million in September.