Brazil records 16.5 million pay TV clients in July and continues losing subscribers

Brazil recorded 16,538,988 households with pay TV accesses in July. The already mentioned figure means a 1,327,427 subscriptions less than July 2018, according to what was officially reported by the National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel), the Brazilian telecommunications regulator. 

In July, almost half of Brazilian households accessed to Pay TV services through Claro, whose operations in Brazil are known under the Net brand. The operator had 8,160,838 subscribers in July (49.34% market share), followed by Sky, with 4,968,445 customers (30.04%), Oi, with 1,572,433 subscribers (9.5%), and Telefónica, branded as Vivo in Brazil, with 1,434,641 customers (8.67% market share).

Anatel also reported that almost all Brazilian pay-TV operators decreased their number of subscribers in July, compared to the same month 2018, except from Oi, which showed a 0.41% growth, with more than 6,383 customers. Claro reduced its subscribers by an 8.52%   (760,080 subscribers), and Sky decreased its customer base by 4.53% (235,695 customers).

According to the Brazilian regulator, the largest pay TV subscribers amount in July took place in São Paulo, where 6,153,801 customers were recorded. The lowest number was in Roraima, with 16,045 subscribers.

On its analysis, Anatel omitted to add Brisanet’s subscribers, the largest emerging operator in Brazil. Dataxis estimates that, by Q2 2019, the company should have around 110 thousand clients, number that must be included in the total showed by the Brazilian regulator.