Brazil lost more than 136,000 pay TV subs in May

According to data provided by Brazilian regulator Anatel, the country’s pay TV base lost 136,787 subscribers (-0.73%) in May compared to previous month and recorded 18.64 million. In the last twelve months, the market lost 262,565 customers (-1.39%).

Of the groups reported by the regulator, Oi showed the highest growth, both in May in the last twelve months: 1.25% and 16.21% respectively. The company reached 1.39 million pay TV customers by adding 17,000 subscribers in the month.

América Móvil group ended May with 9.5 million customers. Its DTH operation Claro TV lost 63,000 subscribers and recorded a total base of 2.3 million, while Net lost 45,000 customers during the month and reached 7.2 million.

During May, SKY (AT&T) lost 31,000 customers and recorded a total base of 5.5 million. Vivo (Telefónica) reported 1.65 million subs, which represented a drop of 7,000 clients during the month.