Brazil loses almost 2 million pay TV subscribers at the end of 2019

According to official information reported by Anatel, Brazil’s pay-TV subscriber base recorded 15.78 customers in December 2019, the year in which it lost 1.78 million subscribers. With these results, Brazil ended the year with a number of subscribers similar to those in 2012.

The most affected operator was Claro, with a drop of 834 thousand subscribers in the year, followed by Sky, with 591 thousand fewer customers, and Telefónica (Vivo) with a reduction of 246 thousand customers on its base. The loss was also extended to the rest of the pay TV operators in the country: Oi lost 84 thousand customers, Algar 15,800 and the rest of the small operators, 136 thousand.

This way, Claro is still leading the market with 7.76 million customers, followed by Sky, with 4.69 million. They are followed by Vivo, with 1.32 million and Oi, with 1, 51 million. Algar was the operator that lost the most subscribers (19% of its base) and a total of 68 thousand subscribers.