Brazil loses pay TV subscribers again in September

According to the latest report from Anatel, as reported by  specialized websites, after having experienced a rise in subscribers in August, Brazilian pay TV market ended September with 57 thousand customers less in relation to the eighth month of the year, now recording 15.07 million subscribers.

According to Anatel, Claro lost 71.7 thousand clients during the month, and ended September with 7.17 million users. The operator’s cable and DTH bases lost almost the same customers volume, and its DTH base currently features around 910 thousand users. In the case of Oi, which is currently going through its DTH operations sales process, it ended September with 1.61 million subscribers.

In relation to the other pay TV operators in the country, all of them have lost customers: Sky reported a 6.5 thousand subscribers retraction and ended September with 4.65 million subscribers; and Telefonica, whose operations in Brazil are known under the ‘Vivo’ brand, had a loss of 6 thousand subscribers and ended the ninth month of the year with 1.26 million customers. In addition, always according to what Anatel has officially reported, small Brazilian operators had a loss of around 21 thousand subscribers.