Brazil launches Itau Cultural Play, new OTT focused on local productions

Itaú Cultural, an entity focused on content productions and the encouragement and spreading artistic and intellectual expressions in Brazil, has officially announced the launch of ‘Itau Cultural Play’, whose catalog includes titles made in the 26 Brazilian states and the country’s Federal District. Access to the platform is free, and the only requirement to access it is to make a previous registration.

According to the information reported by Itau Cultural, the platform is available both from its web version, as well as for cell phones and tablets with iOS and Android operating systems. The Itau Cultural Play catalog includes films, series, TV programs, thematic exhibitions, cultural institution’s audiovisual productions, and other contents. Likewise, although the initial launch of the platform took place on June 19th, from Itau Cultural they reported that, soon, Itau Cultural Play will include titles from the Itau Cinema’s cinema network, and will even be integrated into Samsung, LG and Apple TV smart TVs.

‘We are going to bring the diversity of our cinematography to general audiences for free, fulfilling our commitment to expand access to Brazilian culture’, reported Eduardo Saron, Director at Itau Cultural, who explained that in the future the platform will feature rooms with special paid sessions, without affecting the aim of offering free content. ‘The platform takes care to cover the thematic and geographic diversity of national production and bring audiences closer to this content’, the executive added.