Brazil has not decided on Disney and Fox merger yet

Brazilian Government has not made a decision on Walt Disney and Fox assets merge yet. Polyanna Vilanova, advisor in charge of Economic Defense Administrative Council (CADE), informed Bloomberg that case is still under analysis, and that agency should make a decision before March 17th, deadline on which a 90 day extension would be possible requested.

According to Sao Paulo newspaper Estado, CADE would demand sport channels elimination, because in Brazil merger would leave its two main sports networks (ESPN and Fox Sports) with a single owner. However, Vilanova clarified that these versions ‘are only speculations’.

As an antecedent, CADE has already approved ‘without restrictions’ merger of AT&T (Sky Brazil’s owner) and Time Warner (Turner Brazil), although they had to committee that Time Warner will sell its channels to other operators without discrimination, and Sky would not be able to refuse other programmers content.