Brazil has destroyed 12 thousand pay TV STBs used for piracy this year

Brazilian Federal Revenue Department, better known as Receita Federal, has destroyed 12 thousand STBs used for piracy activities in the pay TV business this year. Since 2016, 112 thousand have already been destroyed, with losses estimated at USD 2334.7 million per year.

‘The Federal Revenue Department, committed to combat cross-border crimes, such as smuggling, records stuff valued at USD 1000 million a year. A large part of these seized material can not be consumed in the country and must be destroyed’, said Hipolito Caplan, Foz do Iguaçu Custom’s Deputy Delegate.

Previous mentioned STBs are being destroyed through an agreement between the Federal Revenue Department and ABTA (Brazilian Pay TV Association). Part of the equipment will be destroyed today, June 5th, from headquarters of the Foz do Iguaçu’s Customs Office. In addition, a report developed by ABTA showed that, from the more than USD 2 billion annual losses generated by pay TV piracy, around USD 331 million belongs to non collected taxes by Federal and State governments.