Brazil continues losing pay TV subscribers

Brazilian pay TV market figures, released on March 27th by the National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel), shows that it has ended February with 17,37 million active contracts. In the past 12 months, the largest subscriptions number recorded was at the Maranhão state, which raised its subscribers in a 29.46% (that is, 52.28 thousand new contracts).

The other states in Brazil that recorded an increase in its pay TV subscribers were Rio Grande do Norte, Pará, Amazonas, Ceará and Tocantins. Despite this, pay TV had a 3.45 fall between February 2018 and the same month 2019, and into January and February this year, the number was 0.51% lower.

Data updated up to February 2019 shows that Claro recorded a 48.54% share in Brazilian pay TV market, and totalized 8.43 million active contracts. The company was seconded by Sky, which had a 30.32% market share and 5.27 million pay TV subscribers. It was followed by Oi, with 1.6 million customers in this market, and recorded a 9,2% share. And Vivo had 1.53 million subscribers and recorded an 8.84% market share.

From all the previously mentioned companies, Oi was the only one in growing during the last 12 months period: it increased it market share by 4.87% and recorded 47.29 thousand new subscribers.