Brazil approves protocol to resume audiovisual productions

The Brazilian Audiovisual Industry Interstate Union (Sicav) developed a protocol to resume audiovisual production recordings in the country, called ‘Protocolo de Segurança e Saúde no Trabalho Audiovisual Para Retomada Audiovisual das Atividades no Âmbito da Pandemia de Covid-19’. 

The document was developed by Sicav, together with  the Rio de Janeiro State Federation of Industries (Firjan); the Film and Audiovisual Industry Interstate Workers Union(STIC), and other entities related to health and culture in Brazil.

The document outlines technical and organizational measures to prevent Covid-19 infections and risk assessment, and is subject to changes. ‘In a pandemic, nothing is final. The recommendations are weekly reviewed by the already mentioned organizations’, said Leonardo Edde, President at Sicav, quoted by the specialized website Telaviva. The first review is scheduled for next July 5th.

The executive also explained that the aim of the protocol is that it works as a guide so that each producer company and each production can create their own protocol, according to what their reality is like. The dates for the activities to be resumed, as explained in the document, will be determined by local governments, according to the health situation in each region. However, the document reports that it should be gradual and phased, starting with minor content and advertising productions.