Bolivian football club President offers USD 100 million for professional football TV rights

Marcelo Claure, President of the Bolivian football club Bolivar, announced that he is offering USD 100 million to acquire Bolivian professional football TV rights for 10 years. According to Bolivian specialized websites, the businessman offered that figure to sport clubs executives that take part in  the country’s Professional Football League. Currently, football TV rights belong to Sport TV Rights.

According to reports from specialized Bolivian websites, in case Claure’s offer takes place, the country’s football leadership will receive a figure that would triple that provided by Sport TV Rights, owner of the rights, which is valued at USD 3, 5 million annually for professional football teams.

Ariel Gonzales, General Manager of the Sucre’s Telecommunications Cooperative (Cotes), which was also negotiating Bolivian football TV rights with Sports TV Rights, explained earlier this year that Tigo is currently the company that acquired the rights for this year.