Bolivia shows a growing pay TV subscribers base and ends 2020 with more than 620 thousand clients

Bolivian Autoridad de Regulacion y Fiscalizacion de Telecomunicaciones y Transportes    (ATT) has officially reported that the pay TV market in that country ended 2020 with a total of 622,320 subscribers.

Although the figure is higher than the 604,477 subscribers that were reported at the end of June 2020, as well as the 605,040 clients that the sector featured at the end of Q3 last year, Bolivian pay TV market has not managed to report more subscribers than the 653,219 one with which it ended 2019.

ATT has also reported that La Paz has the largest pay TV market share in the country (31.6%), together with Santa Cruz, which features the same value, followed by Cochabamba (16%) and Tarija (5.7 %).

However, in terms of subscribers, Santa Cruz ended 2020 with just 176 thousand more than La Paz: the first one reported 196.8 thousand subscribers, and the second, 196.6 thousand, followed by Cochabamba, with 99.5 thousand. Behind them were Tarija (35.5 thousand); Oruro (34.5 thousand); Potosi (26.7 thousand); Chuquisaca (14.7 thousand); Beni (14.1 thousand) and Pando (3.5 thousand).