Bolivia recorded more than 600 thousand cable TV subscribers in June

Bolivian Telecommunications and Transportation Regulation and Control Authority (ATT) reported 638,533 subscribers to its cable TV offer in June this year in the country. The trend continues to raise and shows 41,172 more subscribers in relation to December 2018, when the amount of cable TV subscribers in Bolivia was 597,361.

ATT also reported that cable TV accesses  revenues went up to 15.7% compared to 2017. Apart from that, in June this year, Santa Cruz (32.7%); La Paz (32.3% and Cochabamba (13.8) concentrated 78% of cable TV connections in Bolivia.

On a smaller scale, Tarija recorded 6.4% of accesses, followed by Oruro (5.3%); Potosi (4.3%); Chuquisaca (2.2%) and Beni (2.2%). Pando was the department with the least amount of cable TV subscriptions, with 0.7% of the market share.