BKS’s OTT Kinopop arrives at Brazil in December

Kinopop, the OTT platform created from an agreement between US companies and the BKS dubbing studio, announced its launch in Brazil, scheduled for the first week of December, with a R$15 (USD 3.57) monthly subscription, one of the cheapest offers in the Brazilian market. As reported, since its launch, Kinopop will be compatible with several platforms, such as Samsung TV, LG TV, Apple TV, Roku, Google Play Store and Apple Store.

‘Kinopop comes up as an option for those who cannot access platforms such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. Its purpose is for the OTT to be inclusive, with quality films and series for Brazilian families’, explained Brazilian Jake Neto, VP of Programming and Acquisitions at Kinopop. ‘Therefore, the monthly subscription will be much lower compared to other OTTs, and will cost R$15 (USD 3.6), with the first month for free and up to four simultaneous accesses available’, he completed.

As announced, Kinopop will include and the promise to release ‘production from the largest studios and distributors worldwide’. Its catalog will be renewed monthly and content acquisitions will be in charge of BKS. Apart from Brazil, the platform will continue its expansion process through Latin America in 2020, and later will do so in Europe and the US.