Barbados FLOW announces end of copper cable and operates exclusively with FTTH

Barbados became the first island in the Caribbean to fully operate with FTTH, according to FLOW, the regional affiliate of the telecommunications company Cable & Wireless. In this way, the replacement of the copper cable with a GPON connection allowed them to make unlimited broadband transmission with high speed and at a lower cost, they explained.

After 15 years operating on copper, the company dismantled the network and reached all homes in Barbados with its FTTH connection. “The way that we anticipate that we would move forward is to really drive value, so not necessarily reducing prices but offering greater flexibility in terms of what we can do”, Desron Bynoe, Regional Manager for FLOW in Barbados, said. 

On the other hand, the company also revealed that by promoting the fiber network, the island acquired a more attractive profile for investments, offering faster connectivity, greater reliability and less downtime due to failures.

This is a remarkable opportunity as it relates to the attracting of investments because the network is there to support it. Barbados can now distinguish itself from the rest of the region and seek to attract much needed investment in the island space because of this network“, Bynoe added.