AUF TV to broadcast the National Football Clubs Cup in Uruguay

AUF TV, the new Uruguayan Football Association’s channel (AUF), will broadcast matches from the 16th edition of the National Clubs Cup, inside Uruguay, with teams from the A division. By 11 votes against one, the Executive Board of the Football Organization inside Uruguay (OFI) decided to accept the offer presented by AUF TV, instead of choosing the one presented by Tenfield, who had already aired previous editions of the competition.

AUF TV’s offer includes USD 105 thousand to be distributed into the 26 football clubs taking part of the competition, and USD 30 thousand for OFI. The agreement between the channel and the competition will last one year, leaving the clubs all the resources generated by static advertising. Tenfield presented an offer in which it reserved for itself 75% of static advertising and offered a four-year agreement, including the ‘equalization or preference’ clause, in case other offers may appear at the moment of renewing the agreement previously ran.

The channel will broadcast the National Clubs Cup inside Uruguay will start on July 23rd, once the American Cup finishes and the competition is in the semifinal stage. Broadcast will be made by streaming, and also on the Uruguayan National TV channel (Channel 5) and the Uruguayan Television Network, throughout the country.