AUF gets offers from Telefonica and Servisky for Uruguay’s National Team Qualifiers for the next World Cup

With two offers from Telefonica (Movistar) and Ecuadorian Servisky, who owns the Ecuadorian Football Channel, the deadline that the Uruguayan Football Association (AUF) had set for the aspiring companies to bid for the broadcasting rights of the nine matches that the Uruguayan National Team will play as local during the Qualifiers for the next World Cup came to an end. The agency will award the rights to one of these two companies in February. Tenfield will be able to present an offer that equals the one that better suits for the local market. 

As reported by the Uruguayan newspaper El Observador in its ‘Referí’ segment, the company that represents Movistar was exclusively interested in the streaming rights that the AUF introduced to the market, while Servisky offered all rights for Uruguay, that is, streaming and the TV rights of the matches to air them through pay TV operators throughout the country. Telefónica’s offer means Movistar’s access to the Uruguayan football TV rights market via streaming. Until 2019, it was Antel who broadcast the Uruguayan National Team’s matches under this modality, either with its own broadcasts, or with Tenfield or AUF TV contents.

For the Qualifiers of the next World Cup, AUF established a new negotiation plan, which consists of separating local and international football broadcasting rights, and providing the option for interested companies to bid in the most convenient way they can. In the case of those Qualifying matches that Uruguay plays abroad, AUF received offers from TyC, Mediapro and Servisky, and will award the rights at the end of the current month.