AUF calls for an auction for six Uruguay National Team matches

The Uruguayan Football Association (AUF) made a call to auction six Uruguay National Team’s matches broadcasts -five abroad and one in Montevideo-. In case offers are not up to what it is expected, matches will be aired on AUF TV, as reported by Referi, Uruguayan newspaper El Observador sports section. AUF is receiving offers until next September 3rd. 

According to what the company officially reported, the football entity clarifies that the broadcasting licenses agreements will not be exclusive, and that it will be able to market ‘globally or partially’ with pay TV companies. ‘Rights granted are not exclusive and, for that reason, in this call  AUF is allowed to grant the rights to display its network to any other pay TV operator, whether it coincides with the territory, or not ‘, as it was informed.

AUF also reported it will manage advertisements shown during the broadcasts. ‘AUF will provide pay TV companies the matches TV network with broadcast audio, comments and advertising guidelines to be broadcast only in Uruguay’, it informed. The entity will also market static and dynamic advertising during the match to be played by Uruguayan National Team in Montevideo. The auction is made for pay TV broadcasts, si AUF can negotiate streaming ones separately. 

Uruguay will face Costa Rica on September 6th and the US on September 10th. On October 11th it will play as local with Peru, and on the 16th it will travel to Lima to play against Peru again. On November 15th, the Uruguayan National Team will visit Hungary in Budapest. For November 9th, Uruguay is planning another match, but its rival is not confirmed yet.