AT&T insists with Hulu and Sky Mexico sale

International holding AT&T mentioned the possibility of selling its assets in Hulu and Sky Mexico again, in order to  gain cash after buying Time Warner by USD 85,000 million. AT&T FCO, John Stephens, explained that it is pretended to obtain between USD 6,000 million  and USD 8,000 million with the asset sale.

At 2019 Citi Global TMT West Conference, Stephen expressed that ‘I’ve mentioned in the past Hulu or Sky Mexico or some of these other things, not suggesting any one of them is going to happen today, but suggesting that there’s just this whole host of just some examples. But with a company our size, there’s just a whole host of assets. So, feel really good about getting that’.

AT&T belongs to Hulu in a 10%. Its main owner is Walt Disney, which is acquiring majority control through a fusion agreement with 21st Century Fox. At the same time, 41% of AT&T is owned by Sky Mexico, managed by Televisa Group.