AT&T inaugurates 5G network in Mexico

AT&T began to roll out its 5G network in Mexico and inaugurated it after having connected 50 mobile devices to it on December 8. According to local press, so far the network has covered Mexico City and the districts of Cuauhtémoc and Nápoles, where it works on the 2.5 GHz band spectrum.

On the other hand, the operator announced that it will continue the expansion of the 5G network gradually, at the same time that it will continue to operate on its 3G and 4G networks. “In the next three years we will implement 5G in the main markets of the country, starting with the most important cities“, Nicole Rodríguez, Vice President and CTO of AT&T Mexico, said.

Meanwhile, Mónica Aspe, CEO of AT&T Mexico, said: “With the deployment of our 5G network, we continue to innovate and be pioneers in the country. By putting our customers at the center of all the decisions we make, we are committed to providing them with the latest technology and the best experience“. 

As AT&T introduces its customers to the benefits of 5G, its competitors in Mexico are also preparing to inaugurate their network. Recently, América Móvil stated that it is working on the technology, but still without a confirmed date for the launch. “We do everything possible to be ready for 5G, we still do not know exactly when we are going to launch, but we are ready to launch 5G in Mexico. We have a good network ”, Daniel Hajj, CEO of the company, explained.