AT&T continues searching buyers for Vrio

As reported by Bloomberg last September 9th, AT&T is failing to attract potential buyer interest for Vrio, the company’s unit that controls DirecTV’s operations in Latin America and Sky in Brazil, and has been involved in the process for about four months.

Similarly, and as reported by The Wall Street Journal last August 28th, the company also intends to sell DirecTV’s operations in the US, and has already had conversations with potential interested buyers. In addition, as reported by The Information in August, AT&T is also in a negotiation process with Sony Pictures Entertainment for the sale of Crunchyroll; and the Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment gaming division – in this last case, according to several specialized websites, it would have been ruled out by AT&T-. Up to now, the company has not expressed itself about any of these possibilities.

In Latin America, AT&T announced its decision to close DirecTV operations in Venezuela in May, as it was unable to meet requirements imposed by the governments of the US and Venezuela. In August, the Scale Capital firm acquired DirecTV’s operations in that country. Also, according to the latest quarterly results report launched by AT&T (Q2 2020), the company reported a total of 10.7 million subscribers to Vrio, Apart from that, it reported that, at the time of closing its operations in Venezuela, DirecTV had 2.2 million subscribers in the country.