Atresmedia announced that it will group the distribution and marketing of its three international channels


Spanish programmer Atresmedia announced during its presentation at the INTX fair, held in the US city of Boston, that it will group the distribution, marketing and PR of its three international channels Antena 3, Atres Series and ¡Hola! TV.


“The genesis of the channels has been independent. We think it is time to generate group synergies in a centralized work by Atresmedia International to generate more group strength”, stated the programmer’s Managing Director, Javier Nuche, quoted by website


The most substantial change is that ¡Hola! TV’s sales and members team, which until now had greater independence, will now depend on the same work team. Atresmedia signals have more than 35 million Pay-TV subscribers in the US Hispanic, Latin America and Europe, according to the company.


“Mexico, a huge market where there are 12 million Pay-TV subscribers, a healthy market, with good rates and a very interesting advertising market, is our second most important region after the United States”, stated Nuche.