Atresmedia allied with the MCN Familyes Network for content development for Latin America


Spanish programmer Atresmedia announced through a press release that it concluded a trade agreement with US Multi-Channel Network (MCN) Familyes Network for the development of children’s content for Latin America and the United States.


The alliance seeks the best positioning of both companies on the free Video On Demand (VOD) platform YouTube (Google). The companies will come together to discover new talents, create new formats and expand their distribution networks in digital media.


“All our network of professionals, institutions and companies dedicate their lives to produce quality content primarily for the smaller one at home. The arrival of Atresmedia to Familyes reinforces this commitment and gives us the opportunity to invest in technology and marketing to help all these creators to fund themselves and go ahead with their social labour”, said Familyes CEO, Napoleon Fernandez.


Familyes Network has 2,500 million views among all its channels and has more than four million followers on social networks in 20 countries and 15 languages. In 2015, Atresmedia launched the short video format platform Flooxer, with more than 15 audiovisual websites.