ATIM to include Stingray music catalog in Mexico

The Mexican Independent Telecommunications Association (ATIM) will offer a content package from Stinggray, a music, technology and media company, which includes audio and TV channels and the Stingray Music mobile application.

The Stingray offering will allow ATIM subscribers and affiliated companies access to the entire Mexican musical universe, with professionally programmed audio and video content in a wide variety of music categories and genres. Products included in the agreement are Stingray Music, Stingray Classica, Stingray iConcerts, Stingray DJAZZ, Stingray Festival 4K, Stingray C Music, Stingray Ambiance and a music video channel.

‘Our partnership with Stingray will allow ATIM subscribers to enjoy at any time and anywhere the best musical offer in Mexico with their favorite songs and artists’, said Salomon Padilla Duarte, Vice President of ATIM. In addition, Eric Boyko, President Co-Founder and CEO of Stingray said that in the company ‘we strongly believe in unleashing the power of music to bring the best musical entertainment anywhere’.