Arsat wants to enter the Brazilian market

The president of the Argentine telecommunications company Arsat, Rodrigo De Loredo, met last week with Juarez Martinho Quadros, president of Brazil’s National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel) in order to analyze possibilities to provide satellite services in that country using Arsat-2 satellite.

At the meeting, De Loredo expressed the intention of Arsat to enter the Brazilian market by obtaining the landing rights in that country.

“We are convinced that the policy of self-sustainability that we are developing is the right way to pursue, through the generation of new businesses and genuine revenues that allow us to capitalize and finance the development of other projects,” said the president of the Argentine company.

According to Brazilian regulation, satellite operators seeking to obtain landing rights in the country have to comply with a number of requirements, such as establishing a commercial company and paying a “Public Price” determined in each case by the regulator.

Arsat has already obtained landing rights in the United States, Canada and Paraguay, and is seeking authorizations in other countries in the region, including the countries members of the Andean Community.