Arsat ended 2017 with positive results

Argentina’s state-owned telecommunications company Arsat announced that it ended 2017 with profits of AR$ 367 million (USD 19.6 million), compared to AR$ 75 million (USD 4 million) obtained in 2016. The company also reported revenues of AR$ 1501 million (USD 80.3 million), which represents an increase of 40% when compared to 2016.
Arsat said that each of its business units have increased their revenues: the satellite unit had revenues 21% higher than the previous year, the Federal Fiber Optic Network’s revenue grew 250% in one year and the Data Center revenue increased 64%.
The company highlighted that during 2017 some “strategic milestones” were achieved, including the opening of new markets to commercialize the capabilities of the ARSAT 2 satellite, such as North America, and the renegotiation of the main contracts of the Data Center. In addition, more than 400 localities were connected to the Federal Fiber Optic Network in the interior of the country with services marketed in more than 80% of those cities.
At the end of 2017, Arsat reached more than 500 contracts signed with different cooperatives and cable companies in the country. In turn, in two years it increased the number of private clients by more than 80%.