Argentine production company Polka is accused for not stopping its series recordings in spite of Coronavirus

After officially announcing it has cancelled of its film, theater, TV, advertising and dubbing activities until March 31st, the Argentine Actors Association today made a complaint against the Argentine content producer Pol-Ka for not having applied preventive measures for  actors that are taking part of different projects of the company, against the advance of the Coronavirus.

‘In our previous statement, we clearly stated why it was decided to put off all our activities. Not to assimilate this to the intention of an effective protection, to a preventive quarantine for our actresses and actors, and to act against this measure by citing them to work, apart from the pressure that is already causing uncertainty about the advance of the virus, we are forced to denounce that this company only prioritizes its profitability over the health and physical integrity of its workers, and that of all  citizens as long as the pandemic spreads’, explained the Argentine Actors Association in the complaint.

The main doubts about the project developments due to the advance of the Coronavirus were focused on ‘Separadas’ and ‘El Tigre Verón’, two series that are being recorded at Polka. In the first case the project is already on the air and, in the second one, recordings started last year.

Despite the complaint, Diego Andrasnik, Production Director at Polka, confirmed to the specialized website Todo TV News that the production company postponed the recordings of both projects as a preventive measure against the Coronavirus. ‘About the two projects that are now being recorded, we made a temporary stop, evaluating the situation and trying to give security to all our collaborators’, said the executive.