Argentine Government to invest almost USD 55 million to reactivate audiovisual industry in the country

Argentine President, Alberto Fernandez, has recently announced a series of measures aimed at promoting, strengthening and reactivating the audiovisual industry in the country. According to the information that was reported, the measures will be implemented throughout the second half of 2021, and include an AR$ 5.3 billion investment (more than USD 54.5 million) focused on the audiovisual industry and other sectors.

In relation to the audiovisual area, the plan is called ‘Renacer Audiovisual’, and it will receive an AR $ 2,500 million investment (almost USD 26 million) to create 5 thousand jobs in a direct or indirect way. The figure includes more than eighty audiovisual productions (animation, fiction and documentary content) and more than seventy audiovisual projects.

‘This is a great boost for audiovisual and content production. We believe that the area is going to be very dynamic and that it is going to be one of the great engines of Argentine reconstruction’, reported Francisco Meritello, Secretary of Media and Public Communications in Argentina. ‘There is a large part of this amount that we are going to allocate for co-production with channels throughout the country, so that there are also Argentine productions on local screens. The return of national fiction to screens is one of the great aims we have’, he added.