Argentine Government to fine telecommunications companies who have made higher increases that those established for January

According to what has been recently reported by several specialized websites in Argentina, the National Telecommunications Entity (Enacom) requested the country’s telecommunications companies that have made higher increases in their offer’s value than those that had been established by the Government, to give the value of the increase back to users.

In dialogue with the Argentine Diario Perfil, Claudio Ambrosini, President of the entity, reported that ‘the increase established by Enacom for January was 5%. However, some companies decided to start billing with a 20% increase. That is why we decided to alert them’.

In August 2020, the Argentine Government established through a decree that pay TV, internet and mobile telephony are considered essential services in the country. Through the decree, operators were ordered not to increase the value of their offers until December 31st. Towards the end of that month, the Government had let pay TV operators make a 5% increase in the monthly value of their offers from January 1st, 2021, reaching it up to 8% for those with up to 100 thousand clients.

In dialogue with local radio AM 750, Ambrosini confirmed that Enacom will fine those telecommunications companies that had made increases above the value set by the Government. ‘We had allowed an increase of five percent for January, and we urged all companies to increase only to that percentage’, he explained. In addition, the executive confirmed that the entity has already sent the notices to companies to roll prices back at the ones established by the Government, in order to protect users rights.

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