Argentine Government establishes internet, telephony and pay TV as essential services

Argentine President, Alberto Fernandez, announced this last Friday, August 21st, through his official Twitter account, the decision to declare telephony, internet and pay TV as essential public services in the country. The measure, established through the Need and Urgency Decree (DNU) N°. 690 (2020), will not change telephony, internet and pay TV services rates until December 31st this year.

‘Taking the restrictions that the pandemic has caused on us into consideration, no one should give up part of their income to face increases of these services’ values’, reported Fernandez in the announcement he made this Friday about the measure.

Likewise, the document establishes that it is necessary to ‘recover the normative instruments that make it possible to guarantee access to Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) for all the inhabitants of the country, also establishing accessible and inclusive plans that make sure a mandatory universal basic service.

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