Argentine Government confirms it is interested in broadcasting local football matches on TV Publica

As recently reported by several Argentine websites, Matias Lammens, Argentine Tourism and Sports Minister, confirmed the country’s Government is interested in local Professional Football League’s matches to be broadcasted on TV Publica, the State’s FTA TV channel.

 The initiative takes place days after the Argentine Football Association (AFA) officially confirmed the return of the country’s Professional Football League for next Friday, October 30th. Days later, several specialized websites in Argentina reported that the entity decided to cancel the agreement that had been in force since 2017 with Fox Sports for 50% of the TV rights of Argentine Professional Football, stating that ESPN and Fox (The Walt Disney Company) committed ‘serious breaches’ on their obligations.

Lammens denied the possibility for the Argentine Government to negotiate directly for local football TV broadcasting rights, which have been vacant until now, as well as denying the return of ‘Futbol Para Todos’, an initiative promoted during Cristina Kirchner’s Government to broadcast all the Professional Football League’s matches on FTA TV channels. ‘We want to work so that there are football matches available on the TV Publica screen. We would like to work with the rights holders, so that Argentines can access some matches on that screen. We would like a negotiation to have some matches available’, the executive reported in an interview with El Destape Radio (FM 107.3, from Argentina).

‘Years ago, ‘Futbol Para Todos’ was a right decision, but not for nowadays. AFA’s decision with the TV rights belongs to each football club executive. We are not going to get involved with TV rights’, added Lammens.

Since 2017, Argentine Professional Football League’s matches were broadcast through the  Fox Sports Premium and TNT Sports (Turner) premium channels, which divided the matches equally. Due to AFA’s decision to cancel its agreement with Fox Sports , one of the alternatives is for TNT Sports to acquire all of the league’s matches (the company has priority in the negotiation). New companies may also enter the business, or, as it has already been reported, some matches could be broadcast on TV Publica.