Argentine film premieres directly on Netflix due to the Coronavirus pandemic

Netflix announced this Thursday the launch of the official trailer for ‘Corazon Loco’, a new Argentine comedy film, which will be available on the platform from next Wednesday, September 9th. The film had plans to be released in movie theaters, but it did not work due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

‘Corazon loco’ is starred by Argentine actors Adrian Suar, Soledad Villamil, Gabriela Toscano, Alan Sabbagh, Dario Barassi, Magela Zanotta and Betiana Blum. The script belongs to Adrian Suar and Marcos Carnevale, the latter being, in addition, the director of the film. The movie is produced by Patagonik Film Group.

‘Fernando Ferro (Adrian Suar) is a prestigious traumatologist, who can be considered a lucky man: every day, when he gets up, he is embraced by a woman who loves him, shares breakfast with the family and leaves for a respectable job, where he has friends who love him and colleagues who respect him. He has, basically, a perfect life. Almost perfect. Because he does not really have one life, but two. From Monday to Thursday, his wife is Paula (Gabriela Toscano). And, from Friday to Sunday, Vera (Soledad Villamil). He lives in the Argentine city of Mar del Plata but also in Buenos Aires. He has two cars, two jobs, two houses, children, and dogs. But love is stronger and he loves both of them madly. If he has to travel, he travels, and if he has to lie, he does. Whatever it takes to share life with his women, he does it’, explains Netflix in relation to the plot of the film.

At the beginning of March, the Patagonik production company officially reported that the premiere of ‘Corazon Loco’, initially scheduled for this last March 19th in Argentine movie theatres, became cancelled due to the Coronavirus pandemic. The movie’s filming process ended in October 2019 and lasted about eight weeks. Apart from ‘Corazon Loco’, Netflix, which currently has more than 36 million subscribers in Latin America, is days away from releasing ‘Crimenes de Familia’, its second Argentine original film, which will be available on the platform on August 20th. Likewise, the OTT recently announced that it allows changing the playback speed of its content on Android mobile devices.