Argentine cooperatives to denounce on not-granted TV licenses

Cooperative members who complained to the Argentinian National Communications Agency (Enacom) about the delays in granting TV licenses to more than 30 entities are still waiting for an answer. Most of the files are under Competition Defense National Commission (CNDF) possession, with all the deadlines stipulated by the State, which have been largely defeated, according to website La Arena, from La Pampa.

Members of Community Broadcasting Services Provision and Marketing Cooperative (Colesor), which brings together cooperatives and little-and-medium companies throughout the country that provide pay TV and telecommunications, managed to hold a meeting representing the affected cooperatives in Enacom and, facing the delay for the files resolutions, it argued that they are in CNDF and, in regard to these held by Enacom, the agency promised to provide a report detailing each case progress and  missings, so that each cooperative is able to present the corresponding documentation.

Cooperative leaders are planning new steps to follow after the meeting in Enacom. The next one will be to bring this problem to CNDC, which, like Enacom, also has TV licenses procedures  deadlines expired.

At the end of 2018, Enacom issued an internal regulation that establishes a 90 day period to complete communication licensing procedures. Once that term is met, according to the regulation, interested parties may start to provide the service with the only requirement to communicate it to the agency before. Law,, however, does not make any observation on those procedures that were already initiated.