Argentine Canal 13 broadcasts the first ‘El Tigre Veron’ season again due to the second season’s filming is cancelled by the Coronavirus

The Argentine FTA TV channel Canal 13 will premiere the first ‘El Tigre Veron’ season,  the channel’s original series, together with Cablevision Flow and TNT, again today The series had already started recording its second season earlier this year, but filming was cancelled due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

The first ‘El Tigre Veron’ season  lasted 12 episodes, and was directed by Daniel Barone, with scripts by German Maggiori and Marcos Osorio Vidal. El Tigre Veron is part of the list of titles developed together by TNT, El Trece and Cablevision Flow produced by Pol-ka, such as Otros Pecados, El Lobista, El Maestro, Signos,  La fragilidad de los cuerpos and Tu parte del trato. The series was broadcast in Argentina through Canal 13 on FTA TV, TNT on pay TV and Cablevision Flow, via OTT.

The series second season will have eight episodes, and its filming process was fully developed in outdoor locations in different parts of Buenos Aires.