Argentina’s Arsat will support Chile for HD DTT deployment and seeks alliances with Pay-TV operators


The state satellite company Arsat of Argentina announced through a press release that it analyzes methods of working together with Television Nacional (TVN) of Chile through the establishment of foundations for a bilateral cooperation plan to provide technical support for the deployment of Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) in high definition (HD).


In addition, the President of Arsat, Rodrigo De Loredo, met with Pay-TV operators in the Andean country for the possible sale of capacity from the argentine production Arsat-2 satellite, launched in October 2015, but alliances have not yet been confirmed.


On the other hand, a connectivity plan for between 500 and 1.000 rural schools that can only be provided with satellite internet will soon be launched and the possibility of working together so that Chile can be interconnected to Arsat’s optic fiber infrastructure network at border crossings was discussed.


“This measure will allow our Chilean brothers to have an internet back-up ring before bad weather or seismic events so frequent in Chile, without this involving the suspension of service and, therefore, data loss”, said Loredo.